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How can you discover the secrets of this rich and complex country as an immigrant, a student, an expatriate or simply passionate about Brazil, by Learning Portuguese in Brazil! 
CIA Educational Academy provides high quality and personalized instruction in Brazilian Portuguese for Foreigners. We are all professional and experienced native instructors, university graduates and trained for language teaching.
Our objective is teaching Portuguese from an active and situational perspective. Our course is recommended for students above 13 years old who need to learn the language used both in everyday activities and also in more formal situations, at the same time practicing the four language skills: listening, grammar, writing and speaking. 

Besides being involved with grammar structures and vocabulary, the students will be able to get in contact with cultural, geographical and historical aspects which are fundamental for a more complete exposure to the environment in which Portuguese is spoken. 
  • In case you have some knowledge of Portuguese you can take a test. 
  • The courses take place from mid February to June and from August to mid December.  
  • The material for the classes is not included in the price of the courses. 
  • Classes last 90 minutes twice a week 
  • Resources: audio, video and labs.  
  • Number per class: around 10 students. 
  • By the end of each level you will get a certificate from CIA Educational Academy

LEVELS: [ 1 semester]
  • Basic 
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Your staying permit must be stated in your passport. It must be a permanent visa, a student visa or one valid for the period of the semester. It is the students’ responsibility to file for a valid visa. 
  • For information about the visa you must contact your embassy, the consulate or the Brazilian Federal Police Department. 
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